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Capture beautiful images and videos with the affordable, flexible HUE HD Pro camera. Featuring integrated LED lights, microphone, and intuitive software. Now also available with a new protective case! #HUEcameras

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The image (or picture) quality is excellent! Something I didn't honestly expect. I think kids will absolutely love making creative tutorials with this HD Pro Camera. The carrying case is a plus as well.
The adjustable neck makes things so convenient when making videos or video conferencing. I love this design and the carrying case is a plus!
The quality of this product is excellent! I really love how there are so many ways that you can use this camera whether it is for video calls, automated image capture, or just making great video.
The software is easy to use and the camera has great quality producing really sharp images.
I love this product. It shows really sharp images. It would be great for home and school.
The resolution is excellent and I love the style and how easily it bends to exactly what you want to video. Great carrying case. I highly recommend it!
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