HUE Animation Studio

HUE Animation Studio
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by HUE

The perfect gift for creative kids! HUE Animation Studio for Windows contains a camera, activity book and software to make stop-motion movies and time-lapse videos! A Authenticated educational product for ages 7+.

2023 Kid's Product of the Year
Animation Play for Kids

2023 Creative Play of the Year
Creative Play with Animation

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This product immediately caught my eye and excited me to think of the possibilities for my child. She loves Youtube and videos, and getting her the tools to create her own stop-motion animation is fantastic. The concept is just great and the packaging is fun reminding me of a Pixar movie. Overall, this product will allow your kids to creative in all STEM categories.
Nice packaging. Love the quick start guide that is included. This allows even the beginners to get involved. Great product for the young techs coming up in the world.
I think that this is a very creative idea and it gets children to use their imaginations while teaching them the art of filming animation.
I like that this Animation Studio encourages your child's creativity. Especially great for your child who is into making their own movies while also being able to practice computer skills.
Fun package of tools and relevant software. Good first introduction to stop motion animation for children.
Make your own home movies, like land of the lost. The stop motion kit is perfect for creating your own stories with Legos or clay. Make your own home movies and discover how they are made
This is an awesome technology activity that is fun for all ages. This really stimulates creativity and is great for home or school use. Perfect for kids with a large imagination.
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