Minecraft Biomes- Item #: 05621 (age range 5+)

Minecraft Biomes- Item #: 05621 (age range 5+)
Category: Puzzles

by Ravensburger

Join Steve and Alex as they build, defend and explore the lands you have created block by block! Based on the world's best-selling video game, puzzle scenes depict three of the ever-changing Minecraft environments.


2022 Seal of Excellence
Kids Puzzles

4 Review Event Comments.

Fun puzzle for any kid! Especially a mind craft lover! Looks well made and detailed. It's colorful and has great sized pieces.
Minecraft is so fun and a puzzle makes learning without a screen even better!! Fantastic puzzle with great colors!
My child loves Minecraft, and she would love this puzzle! The visual of the characters reminds me of a superhero movie. Absolutely great puzzle for any child interested in Minecraft over 5.
I love the illustrations on this puzzle! It is perfect for the young Minecraft fans. The pieces are the perfect size for small hands and they are very sturdy. The children will also enjoy the small posters that come with the puzzle.
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