Space Storm Strike (Escape Puzzle)

Space Storm Strike (Escape Puzzle)
Category: Puzzles

by Ravensburger

Solve the mysteries to complete your diplomatic space mission with our ESCAPE Kids: Space Storm Strike puzzle! Ages 9+, MSRP: $16.99 Available on Amazon

2022 Puzzle of the Year
Kid’s Puzzle with Hidden Mysteries

4 Review Event Comments.

This puzzle will excite your kid that loves space and mystery. Beautifully colorful puzzle.
This is more than just a puzzle! You can also solve riddles while building the puzzle. My 13 year old son would love it!
The Escape Puzzle is visually very appealing and a fun way to imagine an alien nation on another planet. The Visuals itself reveal interesting plant life that resembles crystals, bubbles, and even an alien version of a cactus. Something about the picture is very familiar but its so obviously different as well.
I love this puzzle! It has layers of challenges! Not only does the child have to assemble a 368 piece puzzle, but there are hidden riddles built into the puzzle for an escape! This puzzle is very creative and has beautiful imagery.
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