Dinosaur Fun Pak

Dinosaur Fun Pak
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by The Wikki Stix Company

12 individual play paks with a dinosaur activity sheet and 12 Wikki Stix to use for creating the connect-the-dot dinosaur. Fun Fact on each one! PLUS dino footprints for making tracks!


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Wikki Stix is great for kindergarten aged children and allow them the ability to create pictures tactilely instead of using traditional crayons. My favorite feature is that the Fun pak contains 12 individuals packs that can be used on the go. Simple, fun, and a change of pace from traditional crayons.
Good toy/game to keep kids occupied while being creative. Great for restaurants!
This is a great variety pack for Wikki Stix. I love how it includes a variety of printable with the pack so the children have lots of activities to stimulate their imagination. Children can also learn about different types of dinosaurs with this pack. This is a great activity for boys and girls.
This is definitely a product that will stimulate learning and fun while helping kids with fine motor movement. Best part-no mess!
wikki stix is a very fun idea. This would make a great item to keep in your purse so you have something fun for children to play with while in the car or at a restaurant. Dinosaurs are so much fun for all ages. Best part is no mess
Perfect for a Dino party craft, this product is meant to be hands on without the mess. All the popular dinosaurs are included. Plus, they are reusable.
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