A Year of Mini-Moves for the In-Sync Child (weekly schedule)

A Year of Mini-Moves for the In-Sync Child (weekly schedule)
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by In-Sync Child

Get your kids moving and giggling with the delightful suggestions in the e-book A Year of Mini-Moves for the In-Sync Child. Here are 52 weekly schedules that will incorporate quick movement activities into your day. These whimsical digital pages can also be printed and posted to brighten your walls at the clinic, at home and at school.


2021 Kid's Product of the Year
Kid’s Motor Skill Development Products

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As an educator I really love this product. They're engaging and offer many ways to help improve sensory and motor skills. I would recommend it to anyone that is an educator and/or parent.
This is a great resource for any parent. I love how these schedules help bring sensory-motor skills activities to children on a weekly basis.
These weekly schedules can be very helpful to teachers and parents. They are so well designed and fun. They're genius!
This product is wonderful and it's really great for any child. I highly recommend it.
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