Folkmanis® Frilled Lizard Puppet

Folkmanis® Frilled Lizard Puppet
Category: Puppets

by Folkmanis, Inc.

In a quirky stance and ready to play, the FRILLED LIZARD puppet is full of surprises. Have hours of fun as you animate his mouth and forelegs as well as his frilled collar with a gentle squeeze of your fingers.

2015 Preferred Choice
Pretend Play

4 Review Event Comments.

I love how the gills move by squeezing its tail! Like the shine for the scales! -kh
We all love the lizard in our house!! Cool extra feature which is nice touch making his neck wings pop out!! Also so soft and love the glistening scales on him.
This is SO cute. you make the flap go up by squeezing his tail and play as a puppet too. Great puppet!
This lizard puppet is so much fun. When you squeeze his tale his pleated flaps of skin flare out realistically. The colors are neat and has realistic looking shines scales. Very cool.
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by Folkmanis, Inc.