Folkmanis® Polar Bear Cub Puppet

Folkmanis® Polar Bear Cub Puppet
Category: Puppets

by Folkmanis, Inc.

Out of hibernation and fresh from the den is the Folkmanis® POLAR BEAR CUB puppet. Heirloom design with soft plush fur, padded paws and a workable mouth, this cuddly glacial gladiator will find a warm place in your heart.

2015 Preferred Choice
Pretend Play

5 Review Event Comments.

Love cute and cuddly. Comes to life as a puppet.
THis is such a soft puppet! It is full enough that it can act as a stuffed animal as well as a puppet. Great quality!
Soft cuddly, and cute! -kh
This puppet is so cute and soft can be used for soft lovie too not just puppet. This little guy is cute and love the claws on him. .. can even make his mouth open and close.
Absolutely adorable. So soft and cuddly. You can move its mouth too. Love it!
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by Folkmanis, Inc.