Creative Cafe Frappe Maker

Creative Cafe Frappe Maker
Category: Creative Play Products

by RoseArt

Dazzle your friends and family with delicious, tropical treats you make all by yourself. Includes: Frappe Maker Freezer Cup Reusable Straw with Spoon Reusable Frappe Cup with Lid 1 Strawberry, Apple, and Mango flavor

2019 Kid's Product of the Year
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2019 Creative Play of the Year
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The packaging is very attractive and straightforward. The instructions are easy to read and understand, even for children. Very fun idea.
Fun to let children make their own fun drinks. Like the reusable cup.
My 7 year-old will LOVE this. I also love that it labels that the product is manufactured in a facility with other allergens.
Would be fun for children to make their own special drinks.
I think this could be a fun activity for kids who like to cook. They can practice following directions and have something to drink at the end. Kids will like how the powder/cup "magically" makes a frappe.
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