Sea Sequin Sparkles

Sea Sequin Sparkles
Category: Soft Toys

by Aurora World, Inc.

Sequin Sparkles from Sea Sparkles feature dolls with colored mylar hair you can comb and shimmery outfits! A unique mermaid line with an exquisitely designed tail with sequin scales that can flip to show different colors!

2019 Preferred Choice
Soft Toys Figures

4 Review Event Comments.

The flip sequins on the mermaid tail are fun to play with. The hair is very soft and seems like it would stay nice and smooth over time.
Cute doll with purple hair and sparkly tail. She would be a hit with most little girls.
Wonderful stuffy for young children with the trendy flip sequins and sparkle tails that girls and children love.
Love the softness, colors and changing sequins. Easy to carry with you wherever you go. Very well made.
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by Aurora World, Inc.