YooHoo Sacks

YooHoo Sacks
Category: Kids Toys

by Aurora World, Inc.

YooHoo is created based on rare or endangered animals around the world to spread awareness. The YooHoo Sacks are mini versions of the most adored characters from the show. A ton of fun, easy to juggle, stack, and collect!


2019 Seal of Excellence

9 Review Event Comments.

Cute small endangered animal toy, a creative spin on hackey sacks. Great stocking stuffer type toy.
So cute and soft. Love that it brings to light the endangered species and it shows the real picture of the animal. Also love that it gives a synopsis of where they live and what they look like!
Cute animals, soft and would be a great toy to engage with especially during travel due to the small size.
These are really cute I could imagine my son using it at a plushy and a ball. The material is very soft and good quality and the faces are darling. I also like the little fact included on the tag.
This product has an adorable, high-quality design! That along with the stackability and size make them perfect for collecting. Most importantly, they raise awareness of different endangered species around the world, which is extremely valuable.
Nice soft bean bag plush. My little boys loves little animal babies and these would be perfect to keep in his bed at night as a soothie toy!
These are a marshmallow shaped animal that easily fits into one hand or a pocket. They are a bean bag filled texture (plastic pellets) so it would be soothing to hold.
Really cute little characters. I would use this to interact with small children.
Adorable faces on these soft beanbag animals! I love that it comes with some educational facts of the animal and how/where it lives.
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