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by Fiesta

Fiesta is happy to introduce Cutie Beans a fun COLLECTIBLE BLIND BOX. Series 1 released in spring of 2018 and contains two collectible sets; Aqua and Jungle available in their own specially designed counter top display boxes. Each plush comes in its own little carrying case equipped with a backpack clip to take it everywhere you go. They even have a little window to allow your friends to peek out and see all the adventures. We also include the collector's book to help keep track of all of your new friends and let you know where they fall as rarity status. Be on the look out for Series 1.5 the Prehistoric Pals launching in summer of 2018

2018 Toy of the Year
Plush Collectibles

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The surprise and collect concept is great , kids love it. The toy inside is cute and small enough for a kid to carry around. The keychain part is fun too.
These are cute that they are in a keychain and different colors. Kids love the blind bags.
The items are really cute and appealing and the characters are well made.