Milkies Milk Trays

Milkies Milk Trays
Category: Parenting Aids

by Fairhaven Health

Breast milk freezing system, freezes milk into convenient, 1-ounce sticks that fit into all bottle sizes. This allows you to thaw just the right amount of milk for each feeding. Made from PET plastic, BPA-free.

2015 Preferred Choice
Freezing System & Storage

6 Review Event Comments.

Oh man I wish I had this when I was nursing! This is a stellar baby shower gift. There is nothing worse than wasted breast milk, or as I like to refer to it, liquid gold. This is an awesome product. No more crying over spilt milk! I would absolutely buy this for my next baby shower. -SB
Brilliant! They are sticks so they fit in all the bottles. I wish I had something like this when my kids were little. -SJ
This is a mommy must have.... no more thawing out too much milk and spilling it from the bags. JH
I love that this is something you can wipe out and easily wash. The durability is what is most appealing.
Like the different straps
Versatile for carrying!
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