Summer Car Seat Cover 2.0 (improved structure)

Summer Car Seat Cover 2.0 (improved structure)
Category: Baby & Toddler Products

by Petit Coulou

The summer cover offers complete protection against mosquitoes, rain, wind and UV rays. Its semi-rigid structure preventing sagging, combined with its breathable and water-resistant fabric, provides good ventilation.

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I love this car seat cover! It's such a necessity especially in climates that are warm. I live in Nevada and this product will be perfect when the temperature gets really hot.
It's so easy to use and it fits perfectly on your babies car seat. If you're looking for the perfect baby shower gift, I would suggest this one as a top choice. The look and quality is excellent!
You will really like the quality and design of this car seat cover - specifically designed for summer months. It is very breathable and I personally love the UV rays protection that it offers. I would recommend this to any new parent.