Watermelon Math: Surprisingly Sweet Test Prep Study Cards

Watermelon Math: Surprisingly Sweet Test Prep Study Cards
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by MindMine Education

42 hand-illustrated cards, covering math terms and concepts commonly tested for 4th-6th grade students. Printed on deluxe 350gsm, coated stock, in a custom two-part box. Intentionally designed to be joyful and memorable.


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Watermelon Math has it all. It's fun to use and really helpful in learning to remember math terms. I really love the visual cues and the design is really cute. I think this is a must have!
This is the perfect aid for preparing for the ISSE & SSAT. I love how they break everything down to make it easy to remember the math terms. They're also fun to use and can be taken along while traveling.
These math prep cards are wonderful! I wish I had these a few years ago when my son was in middle school. They're very educational and fun to use.
This is such a great tool for helping your child prepare for their math test. The quality is excellent and I love the design. I highly recommend this for upper elementary school and middle school students.