Micro Ride On Luggage Eazy

Micro Ride On Luggage Eazy
Category: Travel Fun Products

by Micro Kickboard

Travel made easy with our "scootcase" stroller alternative! Designed for kids aged 18 months to 5 years to sit and ride smoothly with spacious storage and a sturdy hard shell, the perfect addition to every journey.


2023 Travel Product of the Year (Baby Maternity Awards Program)
Travel Carriers & Accessories

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The luggage interior is awesome! Great for packing and it offers a solution to keeping your child nearby and having fun when hustling through airports.
This is the perfect travel product for any family with young kids. It really solves the problem of how to keep your kids near you along with pulling luggage behind you. This high quality solution really does the trick. I highly recommend it to any family with young children.
I really love this scootcase stroller alternative. It's genius! I love how it helps keep your child with you when traveling. Plus, kids love the ride. The quality is excellent and it is very sturdy.
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