KidsRead2Kids Word jar and Story Starters

KidsRead2Kids Word jar and Story Starters
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by KidsRead2Kids

Our KR2K Word Jar is an imaginative and educational storytelling tool and vocabulary builder. Play alone or with friends. Use one of our story starters, or make a story that's entirely your own. No two will ever be the same!

2023 Kid's Product of the Year
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2023 Creative Play of the Year
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This KidsRead2Kids Word jar and Story Starters Kit is the perfect product for inspiring creativity and imagination. That's something very important to me. I can tell everything included was very well thought out in helping your child create wonderful stories from their imagination.
It's the perfect interactive tool to help build your child's vocabulary. I love all the elements of this product. It has everything to help your child either play alone or with friends. I highly recommend it!
I really love this educational storytelling tool. I presented it to my daughter at the review and she began creating her own story right away. Wonderful product!
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