FunBites Hearts

FunBites Hearts
Category: Parenting Aids

by FunBites, LLC

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2015 Product of the Year
Mealtime Aids

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Easy, fun way to help your child enjoy meal times more! LV
love this for all the shapes and no more stuff stuck in the small crevices. Dishwaher safe, BPA free and made in USA!! ns
Oh wow!! It's not just triangle sandwiches anymore! Love the extra popper top to get ALL of the food out. Love this.
This is a fun way to get the pickiest of eaters to eat! Dishwasher safe is always a huge plus! -kh
This is a great tool to have around with the little ones. My 2 year old can't eat a whole sandwich. I have to cut it up for her. This makes it fast and fun! Plus it's small enough to fit in a drawer and not take up too much space. -mc
I love this one easy step for a fun surprise in the lunch boxes.....its really solid and cuts all the way through. Love making my kids smile. JH
Great tool when you have little ones. Shapes helps them to learn the shapes and have fun eating! SJ
The cutter comes in bright colors and looks very easy to use. Great tool to use for little ones and bite sized food. rl