Fitivities Game

Fitivities Game
Category: Games for Families and Parties

by Fitivities

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2015 Game of the Year
Physical Fitness Games

4 Review Event Comments.

So great for a family night. We are always trying to come up with fun games to play with the family that can accommodate all the different ages. This seems like it would do the trick! And it's a physical game which is always more fun. Would love to have this for my family. -SB
Perfect game for everyone! You can play with a few or many and keeps the fun going! SJ
Loved the easy set-up and simple exercises. It’s a unique twist on the dice-rolling games we love, with YOU as the game piece that leaps into the action. Keeps our family off their devices and active...we love to laugh and have fun... ...JH
I love that this gets families moving together! I really appreciate that it is for 2-24 players since we could play with our friends as well at a party!