Mathemagican's Duel

Mathemagican's Duel
Category: Kids Games

by BSGames

This card game puts the power of math into players' hands! Use the numbers and operators from your hand to build your incanquation and hit the casting value of your spell to drain your opponent's Magical Strength..

2023 Game of the Year
Math Card Games

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This game is fun for kids and adults. If you're not great at math this will be a small challenge with loads of laughs. The most fun I have EVER had doing math!
The quality of the game is top notch, It comes in a small and portal box, excellent for travel or to bring to a friends house (or tutoring). The concept is easy to understand.
If your child struggles with math, try this game! It makes it more approachable and fun. And you can play with your child together, even better!