ZIPIT & LOCK Pencil Box

ZIPIT & LOCK Pencil Box
Category: Kids Products

by ZIPIT Ltd.

Say goodbye to bulky locks, forgotten combinations & clunky square cases. Say hello to ZIPIT's sleek, streamlined, child friendly, lock option that is seamlessly integrated in the zippers of our new ZIPIT & LOCK boxes.

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4 Review Event Comments.

This is a such a unique storage case for children who love pops. It is large and can hold lots of supplies. It is also a wonderful activity built into one. This product will be fun for all ages.
Great for an elementary aged kid. Holds all of their school items and is fun to play with. Great to bring to a restaurant!
Very useful pencil case for school, home or travel. I love the colors and the fact that its useful while being a fidget toy!
My daughter would love this. if my child had this at school it would help her a lot with her ADHD. She could run her fingers across it without disrupting the class. The colors are very bright and appealing. Very fun pencil box.
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