MiaMily Mulitcarry Luggage

MiaMily Mulitcarry Luggage
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by MiaMily

Designed for multi-function travel, the MiaMily MultiCarry luggage bag universally configures into a ride on suitcase for children or a portable seat for adults, allowing your child to quickly and conveniently travel with you atop the travel suitcase or providing a resting place for adults when standing for long periods of time. When traveling without a child, the seat on this spinner suitcase can be used to safely store a diaper bag, travel bag or a briefcase.

2022 Travel Fun Product of the Year
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This luggage is perfect if you have a baby or toddler, a child of any age. They can rest right on the seat and you don't have to worrying about hauling around a stroller as well...and if they choose to walk its a storage place for your purse, backpack or baby bag. As moms, we travel with so much and this makes it easier to manage!
I love this because I know all too well the downside of not having a stroller and you kid not wanting to walk through the airport or take the long haul during any travel adventure.
This makes traveling with a child so much more efficient, especially if they are tired!
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