Battle Pufs

Battle Pufs
Category: Card Games

by Battle Pufs, LLC

Battle Pufs is a fun and exciting action-packed game, filled with loveable characters who have ferocious tempers. Use attack and power cards to defeat enemy Pufs.

2022 Game of the Year
Action Card Games for Kids

3 Review Event Comments.

This game has great illustrations on the cards. It would be a fun game to play with friends. I like that you can play with more than 2 people. My son would love to play this card game with his friends battling it out till the end.
This game is a great introduction to card play that kids will enjoy as they are older. There are lots of actions, but easy to learn/pick up on.
What a fun, clever way to get the whole family together! The characters are adorable and fun, and the game is very action-packed. There is a video that you can scan to learn how to play which is very helpful. I can't wait to play this with my family and friends.