myEco House

myEco House
Category: Puzzles

by Adventerra Games North America

In this game, inspired by the Montessori method, the child has fun building a large house by assembling the three maxi-puzzles. Then, in each room, they will see common activities that harm the environment. The player must find the matching shapes to insert in every room, covering up each harmful activity with an eco-friendly habit.

2022 Puzzle of the Year
Environmental Education Puzzles

2022 Eco-Friendly Product of the Year (Baby Maternity Awards)
Eco-Friendly Products

3 Review Event Comments.

This is the perfect game for the classroom for kids to play in groups and to engage and learn with each other through play.
This game is so fun, theres so much to do, this can keep children busy for hours! I love the packaging it shows and describes how to play simply.
There are so many great elements to this game. It teaches montessori skills by building the puzzles, it has a matching component and an environmental lesson as well.
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