Word Splice

Word Splice
Category: Card Games

by Mazeology

WORD SPLICE: A 1-6 player word forming card game for kids and families that is easy to learn & fast fun to play! Earn points by creating new words, or splicing letters into previously played words. Word Fun for Everyone!


2022 Game of the Year
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My kids and I play games all the time, i like to play games with them that have an educational component that they don't even realize, and this has it! There are so many words you can create and splicing the words makes it that much more interesting!
I love the competitive element of earning points. This game moves pretty fast but there is thinking, logic, spelling and learning involved.
You can play this game with the whole crew! Up to 6 players makes for a fun family game night. This is similar to scrabble, in card form.