Clixo Rainbow Pack

Clixo Rainbow Pack
Category: Builder & Construction Toys

by Clixo

Simply click to connect the magnetic pieces and turn flexible, 2D shapes into an endless variety of 3D creations.A rainbow of fun possibilities are in store in this pack with 39 pieces in 7 unique shapes and 3 cool spinners!

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4 Review Event Comments.

This product is completely unique, and one of the coolest building products I've ever seen. Clixo is super flexible literally and figuratively allowing the user to create all sorts of items using magnetic connectors. I love this product and it's especially valuable as an alternative to legos for younger children.
This is a great game for dexterity and learning. I love the fun colors and the many things you can make with the product!
Such a great and creative toy! Will keep kids entertained for a while. I love that you can make so many things with it. The colors and packaging are great!
The clixo is very fun. I think that this would give a child a lot of creative fun. Your child is able to follow the ideas given or come up with their very own ideas to create. Very fun way to be able to play with magnets.