Hidden Adventure

Hidden Adventure
Category: Activity Kits

by Crazy Aaron's

An ancient artifact is hidden deep in the jungle! Crazy Aaron needs your help decoding clues and finding the lost artifact. He has given you a red decoder putty to help you on your adventure.


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4 Review Event Comments.

This is fantastic. The color and the idea of de coding will be super fun! Love the packaging and the idea.
Good packaging, colors, and super eye-catching! . Putty feels good and looks durable. I love that its not just putty, you can also then look for hidden secrets. Great for play and therapy.
Hidden Adventures is a great idea. Its a perfect for any child that likes to figure things out like an investigator. My son would love to play with something like this. It makes children think and try to figure things out.
Silly putty meets secret decoder. Very imaginative way to see new things in the book for a hands on child to discover.