Echidna Shuffle

Echidna Shuffle
Category: Games for Families and Parties

by Wattsalpoag

Echidna Shuffle is a family strategy game of picking up bugs and delivering them to their matching tree stump. A light, fast, and fun game that the whole family will enjoy playing together!

2022 Game of the Year
Family Games

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This game is well designed and has pieces that are sure to last. The colors are very eye catching and the board is large and colorful. It is wonderful that the directions come in a variety of languages so that a diverse range of people can play. This is fun for the whole family.
I would definitely recommend this game, its ADORABLE! Your kids will love the cute little echidna's and all the colors of this game! The game and pieces are all sturdy and great quality.
This game looks so fun and the game pieces are adorable. i love to play games with my family and get involved with each other.