Growing Up with Santa

Growing Up with Santa
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by Music Works

Mom's Choice Silver Award Winner 2021 How did Santa get that bag that holds too much? How do reindeer fly? How does Santa get down those tiny chimneys? How does Santa know what you want for Christmas and how does he know about what you do? Santa's brother Hugo tells all. Hugo also talks about how he and Santa have a problem with a magic pinecone Santa got from the magic lady in the forest. Six stories about Hugo Kringle growing up with Kris Kringle, aka, Santa Claus, as Santa gets his magical powers. Each story is about six minutes long just the right length for a holiday bedtime story from award-winning author, educator, and national childrens performer Mike Anderson.

2022 CD of the Year
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Perfect play list to get in the Christmas spirit. I love that a family can sip hot cocoa and listen to fun Christmas stories.
This album narrated by Santa's brother, details stories from his childhood and what it was like growing up with Santa. This stories are super cute and entertaining for the whole family.
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