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Hativity is patent pending interactive head-wear combined with interchangeable Velcro patches created by Dr. Shannon Davis PT, DPT, Certified Autism Specialist. Unlike traditional hats, Hativity's head-wear line has patent pending therapeutic features to ensure your child's optimal comfort and entertainment. Hativity comes in several colors, two sizes and two styles: Sun Hat and Winter Hat. With six sewn in Velcro loop squares, children can personalize their hats by attaching the assorted Hativity Patches. The removable textured patches provide sensory benefits, stimulating the nervous system. Different available textures include embroidery, chenille, and felt. Hativity's interactive design facilitates independence, socialization, learning, and creativity for children. Hativity can be used as part of a therapeutic program and can be paired with essential oils.


2021 Kid's Product of the Year
Interactive Apparel and Headware

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The patches give children a sensory benefit, this is a hat, toy, and learning tool all in one.
This hat gives children a sense of style and fashion as they can choose their own patches and interchange them...it also give an incentive to wear a hat if they don't want to.
This bucket hat is adorable and fun!
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