MASKS 'N PALS - Crusher

MASKS 'N PALS - Crusher
Category: Plush Toys

by Toot Sweet Toys, Inc.

Set of plush doll and reusable, matching comfy face mask. Fun football pro Crusher from PILLOW PEOPLE PROS is huggable and comforting. A gentle, positive way to introduce mask-wearing to kids ages 3-8. Now at

2021 Kid's Product of the Year
Bedtime Plush

2021 Preferred Choice
Kids Safety Products

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This is genius, in a time where kids have to wear face coverings and so many won't or do not understand, this brings comfort and maybe even some clarity to young minds.
If your kid, or a kid you know, does not want to or won't wear their mask try this toy. It makes it fun and when they see the stuffy wears it, they'll want to match.
The childs mask matches the football player, this is cool!
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by Toot Sweet Toys, Inc.