nabi Big Tab HD 24"

nabi Big Tab HD 24
Category: Educational & Electronic Toys

by Fuhu, Inc.

nabi Big Tab is the world’s biggest tablet made for sharing. Made for the entire family, nabi Big Tab reinvents family time with 5 key built-in experiences: Two Play, Game Room, Show Time, Big Canvas and Story Time.

2015 Kid's Product of the Year
Kids Electronic Products

2015 Seal of Excellence (Creative Child Awards Program)
Kids Educational Products

4 Review Event Comments.

I have a 6 and 8 year who played the games and were completely entertained playing the candyland game. As a screen activity they had to interact with each other by taking turns and sharing and it also promoted communication and dialogue between them. It is durable as well and held to my boys picking it up and carrying it around. What a fun activity! jk
Awesome design! Great for a family and fun for all ages. Looks well built and entertaining for hours.
Great design. Family friendly. Sg
We really having so much fun with this unique and lots of quality time for us all.
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