Candy Collections!

Candy Collections!
Category: Board Games

by Cybele's Games

What youngster doesn't like candy? This beginners board game entices kids to roll the dice, move their token a space or two at a time and aim for the chance to be declared the winner. Basic reading and math required.

2021 Game of the Year
Kid's Board Games

4 Review Event Comments.

I really liked the design of this board game. It is really well-made. Great quality. It's a must-have.
At first I thought this was just a fun game for kids. Then I joined in and really loved playing it with my daughters. We had a great time. It is also very educational. Excellent game!
This is a wonderful game for kids but also for the whole family. It really is a lot of fun. I highly recommend it for every family.
My kids really enjoyed playing this awesome board game and I really like that it institutes basic math skills.