Kids Mirror

Kids Mirror
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by Kids Mirror

A Harvard study found mirrors are instrumentally helpful for a child's development. They learn about themselves, their surroundings and being a part of them. Kids mirror products are some of the most durable mirrors in the world. They will not shatter like glass and they resist cracking like acrylic. Our plastic is made from food grade material and is recyclable. All images are sealed inside the mirror with our patent pending process. We are centered around education making it fun and interactive. Kids Mirror can be hung like a picture. We include peel n' stick pads to attach the mirror virtually anywhere...on doors, refrigerators, walls and even other mirrors. Kids Mirror is family-owned and operated in Longwood, FL. Made in the USA!

2015 Kid's Product of the Year
Kids Mirror

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Great motivator, love this beautiful message. V.M.
Who doesn't want to look in the mirror and see the Princess inside them self looking back.
Great color .. perfect for every little princess. ❤
This mirror is great to encourage using your imagination. Perfect for any little princess in your life. Great color.