Sahara Nap

Sahara Nap
Category: Baby & Toddler Products

by Anjadeer LLC

Sahara Nap is a patent-pending head & neck support pillow for kids napping in car seats, strollers, etc. It provides comfort & support preventing head drooping back and forth & stretched neck when kids nap in moving vehicles

2020 Product of the Year
Baby & Toddler Travel Comfort Products

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Take it with you anywhere. It will really help your child be comfortable when traveling. It's a "must-have!"
It really works well. My daughter used it and she looked very comfortable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a child that uses a car seat.
The quality if excellent and I love the design of this support pillow.
This product is a life-saver! It really helps my toddler sleep while we are driving. It's wonderful!