Lil ADVENTS, Potty Time ADVENTures

Lil ADVENTS, Potty Time ADVENTures
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Lil ADVENTS has combined the design elements of an advent calendar and a potty training chart to bring you Potty Time ADVENTures! Reward your Lil One with hidden wood themed blocks and stickers! Available in 3 themes.

2020 Product of the Year
Potty Training Products

4 Review Event Comments.

Every parent should get this potty training product for their toddler. It's amazing!
It's a great design and it really works. I also really like the different themes you can chose from. I highly recommend this product.
I tried this with my son and he really loves it. The rewards are so cute and are very encouraging.
This is a wonderful product for helping your little one with potty training. I love the concept!