Rock n Rave 2-Player Set (My Little Pony)

Rock n Rave 2-Player Set (My Little Pony)
Category: Card Games

by Enterplay, LLC

This mini-expansion to the MLP Collectible Card Game comes with everything that you and a friend need to get started, including two complete theme decks, a playmat, action tokens, and a rulebook.

2015 Preferred Choice
Collectibles Games

3 Review Event Comments.

With the explosive popularity of collectibles (i.e. Shopkins and blind bags) this is especially fun as a game because it has that collectible element to it. My six-year-old daughter and her friends would love these shiny and colorful cards. And it has all their favorite My Little Pony characters! Can't go wrong. -SB
Great way to learn problem solving skill! Cards are colorful, love the graphic. -SJ
The kids loved these cards ... keeps them busy for hours....and saved us on our road trip. Great value and lots of fun. JH
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