Happi Tummi Relief Herbal Waistband for Mom & Family

Happi Tummi Relief Herbal Waistband for Mom & Family
Category: Parenting Aids

by Household Name Products Inc.

Happi Tummi is a natural herbal waistband, when warmed, the combination of moist heat, specially formulated herbs & pressure relieves pain. Happi Tummi is like a band aid for the stomach without being attached to cords.


2020 Product of the Year
Family Soothing Products

5 Review Event Comments.

It's compact which makes it easy for travel. I would recommend it for anyone.
This is an excellent product. I really like the quality and design.
It is easy to use and l Iove that it's natural. It is effective and a must-have for any family member and especially a new mom.
This really fills a great need for babies with tummy issues. Excellent product!
I really love this product. The instructions are simple to understand and helpful when explaining how to use it.