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b.bot World,
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by BottomZz Up / eCubed Designs LLC

b.bot is a mobile app & media platform designed to help parents and Pre-K kids through major milestones and key social behaviors beginning with potty training and progressing thru developmental stages up through 5 years old.


2020 Top App of the Year
Social and Emotional Development

4 Review Event Comments.

This is a great potty training tool that is fun for kids to use.
I love the design. b.bot is very cute and i think kids will love customizing the character.
This app has it all. It includes an original way to teach potty training but also teaches good eating habits. Plus, there are fun games to play.
This app is incredible. It is very colorful and I like the 3D effect. I think it will really help encourage little ones when dealing with potty training.