Crinkle Cuddler with Matching Baby Paper

Crinkle Cuddler with Matching Baby Paper
Category: Baby & Toddler Toys

by Baby Paper

Ultra soft plush animals with "Baby Paper" sensory bodies. Each has coordinating Baby Paper

2019 Toy of the Year
Sensory Products & Toys

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I love how this product helps with sensory development. It's also very affordable.
I let my baby play with Baby Paper and I could tell she loved it. She didn't want to let it go. Smiles all around!
This is a great product. It also has great benefits for older kids that deal with sensory issues.
I love the beautiful colors that Baby Paper comes in. I could tell my baby loved the crinkle sounds it made and I like how soothing it was for him.
The plush toy versions are so soft and adorable. Babies and Toddlers will love them!