Helio Base Unit

Helio Base Unit
Category: Educational Products

by Helio

Helio is an award-winning, STEM Certified light projector that emits educational and entertainment based imagery through a series of interchangeable discs. Math and sight words can shine at bedtime!


2019 Kid's Product of the Year
Kids Educational Products

7 Review Event Comments.

night lights with a purpose! learning some neat facts as they fall asleep! appealing shape and color.
The design is sleek and modern, and the concept is intriguing. I especially love the sleep times, speeds, and planetary slides!
What a fun product! I love the simplicity of the product. Lightweight, durable, bright in color. Offering the different discs keeps learning minds engaged.
I like the whole educational concept while make it fun
Fun way to learn. For the curious minded child. Nice that the info for more discs is available
I like how the discs can be changed and offer different science facts on each one.
Love the new idea to engage children in learning by projecting it on the wall.