hugable Hungry Lion Bag

hugable Hungry Lion Bag
Category: Soft Toys

by Hugable

With windows on either side of his belly Jasper the Hungry Lion shows your child exactly what toys of theirs he has eaten! Once he is full Jasper makes a wonderful seat, cushion or gigantic soft toy.

2019 Toy of the Year
Kid's Storage Soft Toys

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This seems like it would be a great way to encourage kids to clean up their plush toys!
This soft lion is the perfect solution to containing all your child's blankets and stuffed animals and I like that it has the mesh window so you can still see what is in there. His fur is SOOOO soft and cuddly. Bonus: It doubles as a fluffy pillow.
This is an awesome and adorable way to store plushies and blankets. This a great solution to a never ending battle. Wonderful that proceeds are also donated to a great cause. The material is so soft.
I love how soft this lion is! The mesh is strong and will hold up the pressure of toys inside, even while been used as a seat. The zipper is strong and the pull tabs is large - easy for little fingers to grab. What a great, and fun, way to encourage kids to clean up their toys!