Periodic Table Shower Curtain by SMART

Periodic Table Shower Curtain by SMART
Category: Kids Room Decor

by Simple Memory Art, Inc.

Do you know the atomic mass of oxygen? We developed and created this Periodic Table Shower Curtain for you to find out! Presenting the building blocks of all matter, this stylish curtain is an essential to any bathroom!

2023 Preferred Choice
Educational Science Products

2023 Kid's Product of the Year
Kids Bathroom Decor

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Great tool to use in the bathroom. May encourage showers for your scientist.
Very Educational and fun product!
For science enthusiasts, this is a great shower curtain. I like the tag line, soak up some knowledge. Great quality, why not learn while you bathe.
Learning while taking a shower is an excellent idea. I would totally buy it for myself to remember my school days
Such a fun change to having a shower curtain with just shapes. they can learn and get clean
Great for any student in public school or homeschooled! Seeing it daily would surely help reinforce the information!
I love the idea of this and for the right child, may be very cool to own. I see it as a great and unique find for a very specific child.
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by Simple Memory Art, Inc.