Fuzzy Tooth Critters

Fuzzy Tooth Critters
Category: Books for Kids or Parents

by LT Butler Co., LLC.

Fuzzy Tooth Critters, an ADORABLE dental picture book for early readers- English and Spanish content. It encourages children to brush & floss their teeth daily & eat healthy. It also includes helpful dental tip for parents.


2019 Book of the Year
Oral Hygiene Books

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The Fuzzy Tooth Critters are very cute. They make it easier to encourage kids to brush and floss their teeth which is always a challenge in our house. I love that it also encourages healthy eating too.
It's great not just for kids but also for parents. I love that it also promotes healthy eating. Adorable illustrations!
I really liked the illustrations. Cute and informative. Getting kids to brush properly is always a struggle and this picture book is very helpful.
My kids loved this book. It really helps in getting them to brush and floss their teeth.