World Village Playset Ireland

World Village Playset Ireland
Category: Playsets for Kids

by Whole Wide World Toys, Inc.

World Village Playset Ireland brings Irish adventures home to play. This innovative, beautifully-detailed toy immerses curious kids in Irish culture as they explore the play mat, wooden figures, story cards, and book.

2019 Preferred Choice
Kids Playsets

6 Review Event Comments.

Great way to learn about another country. I can using it to prepare kids for a trip to Ireland or if that's the country one of their parents is from, it would be a good way to introduce it to them.
Nice, quality wooden play set that teaches about different places and cultures.
This is a wonderful way to introduce our children to other cultures! A hands on activity to really immerse them.
A wonderful toy for learning about your own heritage or are interested in learning about other heritages. Like the detail in the play mat and the carrying case to keep it all together.
Well made set with fabric mat and sturdy figures encourages play and creativity. I love the included story book to get the imaginations started. Love the included bag for travel and storage.
I love that there is so much room for learning. That there is guided play as well as free play. I love that you can put everything back into the bag for storage.
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by Whole Wide World Toys, Inc.