Rhythmic Village Interactive Music Software, Game & Percussion Set

Rhythmic Village Interactive Music Software, Game & Percussion Set
Category: Music & Performance Toys

by RBI Music

In this interactive music game, you visit Rhythmic Village. Play on any device and learn the basics of reading sheet music, playing multiple percussion instruments and improving your sense of rhythm.


2019 Kid's Product of the Year
Musical Performance Software Set

2019 Creative Play of the Year
Creative Music Play

7 Review Event Comments.

Very cute set! I like that there are a variety of instruments and that it can be used with a device to learn. I like that you can learn to read music.
I like how it is is interactive. They are using technology in a way that forces them to move so they aren't just staring at a screen.
Love the use of combining music and the Internet. I also love that more than one person can use the game at the same time.
I like the idea of developing an interest in music in young children.
This would be a fun way to introduce keeping beats and learning music and percussion. I like that it uses the microphone on your device to “listen” to make sure the child is learning techniques.
A wonderful idea to encourage young children to play music while combining technology that children already use.
I love that this product really inspires young kids to get into learning different instruments. It's really cool that they have the App included in this. It gives kids the electronic aspect of play while also helping them learn things like rhythm and typing.
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