Funkins Reusable Cloth Napkins & Placemats for Kids

Funkins Reusable Cloth Napkins & Placemats for Kids
Category: Eco-Friendly Products

by MyFunkins Ltd.

Funkins are super cute, eco-friendly, reusable cloth napkins & placemats made & sized just for kids. Teach children to care for the earth by making the switch from toss away paper products. A popular lunchbox & tabletop item

2020 Eco-Friendly Product of the Year
Eco-Friendly Products

2020 Preferred Choice
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The idea of cloth napkins to help prevent waste is nice.
I want these napkins for my children I love the prints and love that they match the lunch pail.
Adorable prints on these reusable napkins! I love that it cuts back on napkin waste that would normally be in the garbage. Great eco friendly product and perfect size for little laps!
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