Spike Pencil Gripper & Topper

Spike Pencil Gripper & Topper
Category: Kids Products

by Innobaby

SPIKE Pencil Grippers & Toppers are ideal for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, Focusing issues, ADD, ADHD, and other Attention issues. Stick SPIKE on your pencil and twirl, squeeze and squish your studies away.


2019 Seal of Excellence
Kids School Products

6 Review Event Comments.

Very colorful and soft. Love that is becomes part of the pencil so it is not as distracting.
Not only will this help kids hold pencil without discomfort, it may help with a restless child.
I think it these are good for autistic and ADHD children.
Great product idea. Nice colors and great feel to the product.
This could be great for the kid that needs something to fidget with while paying attention in class, Sensory issues or ADHD.
This would be good for a child that needs to manipulate something while writing during school. Perfect for a special needs environment.
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