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by Fat Brain Toy Co.

Each set comes with vibrant, precision-cut micro jigsaw pieces. Follow the instructions to create included designs, or invent your own! All Jixelz are compatible with one another.


2019 Preferred Choice
Creative Play Products

9 Review Event Comments.

A great alternative to traditional puzzles and brick building. Stimulates creativity and meticulous learning.
The things you can build with them are very cute. The puzzle pieces can also be used to build other things for creativity.
This is a very fun and inventive product. The puzzle pieces seem high-quality and the designs are very cute.
Fun way to build and re-build with small pieces. Making your own puzzle-like creations.
Looks like a fun quiet time craft for older kids.
This is really cool I know my kids would play with this. What a fun and fresh take on puzzle. I like that it can make multiple puzzles too.
Great idea as a take along when traveling, going out to eat or just taking with you. Enhanced fine motor skills. Great “pixel” design.
Great idea for a take along to dinner or travel. It would certainly develop fine motor skills
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by Fat Brain Toy Co.