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by Scentco, Inc

Smillows are super soft accent throw pillows with gourmet scented microbeads sewn right into the stuffing. These unique scented pillows look great on beds, couches, and kids' play areas.

2019 Kid's Product of the Year
Creative Room Decor

8 Review Event Comments.

Very soft and I could see my kids carrying these around the house.
The pillow's design is very cute, as is that of the packaging!
There is a prominent smell. Smells really good. Obvious to what each pillow is.
A child who loves the scratch and sniff stickers may love this pillow.
Smells like childhood! I was instantly brought back to my childhood when I smelled this yummy strawberry scented smillow! I would love to snuggle up with my daughter and this sweet faced strawberry! The scent is guaranteed to last for 2 years!
The pillow is very soft and the fruit smell is very strong.
The pillow is very cute (reviewing the pineapple one), and the 10 other styles look adorable as well. All genders could find a style they like.
The pillow is adorable and super soft. It smells good as well.
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